645AR Reworks A Classic On Funky Single “Ride 4 You”

There’s just something special about 645AR. The Columbia Records artist has been on the rise this year, making a viral impact with his songs “4 Da Trap”, “Yoga”, and more. His signature squeaky voice and high-pitched vocals are unmistakable. There is absolutely nobody that is making anything within the same realm, making 645AR one of the most original and creative artists out right now.

Of course, his music isn’t for everybody. However, if you can learn to live with his hard-to-distinguish lyrics and just wanna bang out to some Alvin and the Chipmunks-esque music, he’s for you.

645AR’s latest release is a rework of a classic record by Ghost Town DJs. It continues in this sort of R&B world that the artist has been building for himself, collaborating with FKA twigs on a new record a few months ago.

Listen to his new single below.

Quotable Lyrics:

My struggle got me some big racks
No McDonalds, but we got big MAC’s
They think I’m in a gang ’cause I got stacks
I’m with someΒ n***as that don’t know the act
Tell mama got the whole hood on my back
Been ran the streets, we been did that


Source: HNH

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