6 Drinks You Should Never Use To Take Your Drugs (Photos)

6 Drinks You Should Never Use To Take Your Drugs (Photos)

Many people use all sorts of drinks to take their medications in order to avoid the bitter taste of drugs without knowing that, some of these drinks can counter the effects of drugs thereby, rendering it useless.

When some drugs come in contact with some drinks they can cause a negative reaction in the body which can cause damage to the body. Therefore, it is advisable to always use water to drink your medications no matter how bitter they are.

Instead, you can buy a pack of glucose and drop a pinch of it on your tongue after using water to drink your drugs to erase the bitter taste on your tongue.

Here Are Six (6) Drinks You Should Never Use To Take Your Drugs.

1. Carbonated Drinks: these drinks are commonly refered to as, soft drinks or, minerals. Many people use minerals as an alternative to water while taking their drugs without knowing the harm they are inflicting on themselves.

Soft drinks affects the disintegration of drugs. They can also cause inflammation because of, there high sugar content.

2. Milk: people that do not use milk to swallow their drugs, may prefer licking the milk immediately after, swallowing their medication. Whichever method you chose, the effects will be the same because, milk can counter the effectiveness of some antibiotics like; ampicillin, ciprofloxin, tetracycline etc.

Milk contains iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc and when these compounds comes in contact with certain antibiotics like the ones mentioned above it inhibits there absorption into the intestines.

3. Coffee: many people use coffee as substitute for tea and some of such people, use coffee to swallow their medications which is very wrong.

Coffee contains strong compounds like, caffeine which has the capacity of causing negative drug reactions in the body. Using coffee to take drugs can temper with the chemistry of the drugs and its disintegration time.

4. Orange Juice: according to the studies conducted by scientists from Eat This Not That, they discovered that, orange juice was one of the main drinks that affected the timed release of a drug that is comparable to, Tylenol.

For the fact that, many people might not be aware of drugs that contains Tylenol or, drugs that have similar chemical composition as Tylenol, it is better to avoid using orange juice to take medications.

5. Energy Drinks: energy drinks helps to boost our energy and give us some strength when we are feeling weak due to, stranous activities, sleep deprivation or, sickness.

Although, you can drink energy drinks when you are sick, donot use it to swallow your drugs, do not drink them an hour before your drug time, only drink them at least three hours after taking your drugs.

6. Alcoholic Drinks: people who use alcohol to take their drugs usually use it to swallow their drugs or, drink it before or, after taking their drugs. Using alcohol to take any drug be it hard drugs, prescription drugs, or herbal medicine is a recipe for disaster.

The interaction of drugs and alcohol can cause minor reactions like; headaches, dizziness, nausea etc or, severe reactions like; liver damage, heart problems, internal bleeding, fainting, etc.

In conclusion, no matter how bitter your medications are, always use water to take them.

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