5 Popular Foods You Should Stop Cooking With Salt In Order To Stay Healthy

5 Popular Foods You Should Stop Cooking With Salt In Order To Stay Healthy

Sodium chloride, also known as salt is a very important ingredient. It is used for cooking in many parts of the world. It helps to provide more taste to foods and also serve as a food addictive. Most people are very fond of consuming too much of this salt, without minding the effects it might have on their health. Excess consumption of salt has been scientifically linked to so many medical conditions such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and a few more.

TheΒ World Health Organization, WHOΒ has since warned the global population to reduce their intake of his substance and cut down on the amount they use in cooking their food. However, most people have turned deaf ears to these warnings. They still use high amount of salt in cooking every single day. In this article, I’ll be telling you guys 5 foods you should you should stop cooking with salt in order to stay healthy. See them below;

5 Popular Foods You Should Stop Cooking With Salt In Order To Stay Healthy.

1. Potato.

Potatoes are very tasty and delicious even without salt. I’m pretty sure that most of you might have noticed that too. It is a type of tuber food just like yam which already contains natural salt and ingredients for taste. So avoid adding excess salt to it.

2. Plantain.

A lot of people are very fond of adding excess amount of salt while cooking or frying plantains. Eating fried plantains is already bad and unhealthy enough, so its much better if you add very little or no salt to it. Eating salty plantains could increase your blood pressure and cause heart related diseases, avoid it.

3. Yam.

Just like rice, yam, is also a very starchy food that contains lots of sugar and unhealthy carbs. Its more advisable to fry or cook your yam with no salt at all. This would surely help to add more years of good health and wellness to your life.

4. Rice.Β 

Rice is a very popular food that contains lots of starch, carbs and sugar. These above listed substances are very dangerous to the body already, especially when being consumed excessively. Yet some people are still fearless enough to add excess amount of salt to rice while cooking.

5. Corn.

Corn is a great food product that is loved by so many, especially here in Nigeria. We have roasted corn and boiled corn. During the process of boiling your corn, you might be tempted to keep adding more salt in order to increase its sweetness but you really have to try to overcome that temptation. It could damage your kidneys and liver.

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