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5 Pets That Went Too Far Killing Their Owners

5 Pets That Went Too Far Killing Their Owners5 Pets That Went Too Far Killing Their Owners

The animal survival instinct cannot be controlled by changing it to a domestic creature because it will always be what it was made to be.

These people we are going to talk about didn’t respect the boundaries to be set between them and nature, and their curiosity led them to their end.

1. Pam Weaver and her camel

The lady got a camel for her 60th birthday because alpacas and lamas were too expensive.

The camel, due to instinct, knocked the old woman down and tried to mate with her, causing her to die due to lack of oxygen.

2. Kelly Ann Walls and her carnivores

The 37-year-old had a tiger, a lion and a black bear for pets. She was mauled by her black bear when she was cleaning its cage. While cleaning the cage, she gave it dog food and turned her back to it, and it viciously attacked her.

3. Sandra L. Piovesan and her wolf-dogs

Wolf-dogs are a cross-breed between a dog and a wolf. It’s mostly a female wolf and a male dog.

Sandra had raised a pack of nine wolf-dogs, and she was devoted and loving with this animal, but it turned into something else.

One day her husband searched for her, but she was found in the cage partially eaten, and the wolf-dogs behaved innocent.

4. Janet Veal and her cats

When the neighbors didn’t hear from Janet for a while, they called the authorities. When they arrived, they saw her on the floor lifeless, but what was more disturbing was that her cats were feasting on her.

5. Marius and his hippo Humphrey

A hippo belongs in the wild and not a house, but Marius made an exception, and hippos are one of the main causes of death in Africa.

Marius kept the hippo on his farm and even called it his son. One day his body was found chewed by the hippo he considered his son.


I hope you have learned that no matter what, animals will always listen to their instinct.

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