5 Nollywood Celebrities Who Had A Close Encounter With Death: No 5 Died And Resurrected

5 Nollywood Celebrities Who Had A Close Encounter With Death: No 5 Died And Resurrected

It is just by the grace of Almighty God that our lives have been preserved to this day from any untimely death through accidents.

These Nollywood celebrities have braved all odds and have come out alive in close encounters with death in the course of their careers. It is a harrowing experience for anyone to get close to the brink of death and return to the land of the living again.

#1. Jim Iyke

Nollywood actor Jim Iykewas involved with a close encounter with death in 2014 in Asaba, Delta State on the process of shooting a movie. He was in the company of Emmanuel Ehumadu aka Totolos when the accident happened.

#2. Emmanuel Ehumadu aka Totolos

He had the same accident with Jim Iyke because they were in the same car together on that fateful day when he suffered a broken skull and fractured neck.

#3. Stephanie Okereke

Stephanie Okereke collided with a heavy load car with faulty brakes on her way to the Africa Movie Academy Award in flames. She was hospitalized and had to walk with a walking stick before she healed.

#4. Angela Okorie

Last year, Angela Okorie narrated her close shave with death when she was shot 10 times and miraculously recovered from the gunshot wounds. 10 bullets were extracted from her head and 2 close to her eyes.

#5. Jerry Amilo

Jerry explained that he and his lawyer were heading to a program when the front tire of his car removed which caused the car to somersault more than twice. After the accident, his lawyer and himself were confirmed dead. They were however kept in the mortuary for 3 days after the fatal accident and on the 3rd day, Jerry Amilo miraculously came back to life.

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