5 Nigerian Artistes Who Were Once Superstars But Are Now Upcoming Artistes No. 5 will shock you

To make it in the Nigerian Entertainment is an uphill task, to remain relevant and become consistent is another difficult task entirely on its own.

Considering the input and hardwork you’ve put in, the cost of recording, cost of settling PRs, DJs and Bloggers to hype your song, yet the bulk of your success still falls on the people that listens to your song.

They are the ones who will buy the song and promote it naturally for you.

“The major determinant of the success of an artiste these days falls on the audience.”

There are some songs released by the hotty hotty artistes of our time that didn’t go viral and was eventually slept on by the audience.

Maybe we need to remind you of Everytime by Wizkid and Future. Badass song that didn’t gain grounds. What about Love No Go Die by Olamide?

Several artistes exist in the entertainment industry who were once superstars but due to them not releasing hit singles, they became passive and the influx of artistes into the industry these days made them redundant.

We look at Five of them.

1. Durella

Self-styled King of Zanga, Durella was known back then as a duplicate of D’banj due to the similarity in their voice.

Durella was well popular then in the street and made major waves with songs like “In The Zanga“, “Shayo” and even had a collaboration with the starboy, Wizkid on the song “Go Gaga“.

How Durella went down is one of the seven wonders of the world. Label problems, management problems, that he had to decamp from his label, Iconic Music to Dbanj’s franchise, DB records.

Also had problems with Dbanj who was accused of stealing his song, Blame it on the money.

Well, Durella has tried all comeback efforts but it seems the gates to the entertainment industry is currently closed.

2. Sean Tizzle

Who remembers Sho Le back then in 2013. Apparently after Iyanya, D’tunes was looking for an upcoming artiste with potential.

He saw Sean Tizzle who was signed to Sound Sultan‘s Naija Ninjas. He signed Sean Tizzle to Difference Entertainment and Sho Le, their first product was an instant hit.

Sean tizzle went on to win Next Rated that year dusting off Dammy Krane The Thief and Burna Boy who went home crying and also D’tunes won Producer of the year.

Slowly, we began to see Sean Tizzle decline. But 2013-2014 was his peak year. But what happened to him? His is a mystery as well.

The thing about the industry is every year, new artistes keep flooding in replacing the tired ones who are stagnant and have nothing new to offer.

3. D’Prince

Probably the only thing we know about D’prince is that he’s related by blood to Don Jazzy. Was there any time D’prince gave us a hit single? Oh the wack songs that got promoted and received airplay.

Give It To Me, his most decent single till date was nominated for Headies Award 2011 and was one of the best songs that time.

The problem with D’prince is he still hasn’t discovered his sound and genre. His songwriters/ghostwriters are wack.

Who remembers his Banana song, where he sang Banana up to 50times?? He needs to be kicked out from the Supreme Mavin Dynasty.

4. Ice Prince

Ice Prince’s case is worrisome and yet pitiful. How the heir to M.I‘s throne lost it is just unimaginable.

Back then in 2011, Ice Prince was on Fire, From Oleku to Superstar, he was giving us back to back. Going on shows overseas and also meeting the foreign artistes.

In 2014, Ice Prince met with Jay-Z, the first Nigerian Artiste to ever meet with the Hip-Hop Legend, we thought something was in the works, like a collaboration or Ice Prince was to be signed to Roc Nation, nothing happened.

Tiwa Savage got signed instead. Ever since then, Ice Prince has been a shadow of himself. His girlfriend issue, Maima really affected him a lot.

There was a time someone tweeted:-

“You can blow and unblow and go back to an upcoming artiste, ask Ice Prince”.

Up till now, Ice Prince still slugs it out with Dremo and Ichaba in the relegation zone.

5. Iyanya

From singing the biggest song in 2012, Kukere to singing Iyanu Mashele. Truly village people have started following Iyanya.

We started noticing Iyanya’s decline in 2014 when all songs released were trash and label mate, Tekno started to overtake him in the craft.

Iyanya thought it was his label that was the problem, he pitched tent with Don Jazzy‘s Mavin Records, released an EP that was only downloaded by his friends and family.

Iyanya has really gone down and it would truly require a miracle to revive his music career.

The thing about the industry is about being relevant and also the ability to evolve.

Last year we had the “pon pon sound” and now it’s the wobey and shaku shaku sound.

“Industry competition is at an all-time high, and to stand still, is to fall behind!”

The End!!!

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