5 Life Lessons From PES And FIFA You Can Use To Succeed In 2019


PES and FIFA are everyone’s top two choices when it comes to video games. However, these games are always hard especially when you are facing an experienced opponent.

But wait, do you guys know from these games we see as fun, there are actually life lessons embedded in them that we can learn from them?

Don’t know, but here are five life lessons from these video games you can use to get ahead in 2019.

1. Learn To Take Your Chances As They May Be Crucial

When playing either of PES or FIFA, you’re not always presented with host of chances especially if your opponent is very experienced. It’s the same thing with life, life doesn’t give you several shots at goal to succeed, sometimes, you just need a shot on target to make a win.

2. Always Make Changes

What do you do at first when a player is weak or injured or when you are losing to an opponent? Make a substitution to see if it will change the game.

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In life, it come to a point when your plans and strategies stop working, it’s a signal indicating you to make a change. The people who are prosperous in life are always known to make changes.

3. If At First You Don’t Win, Don’t Stop, Try Again

Many atimes when playing with a friend we’ve always lost or who remembers when we played our first game on PES or FIFA especially against a well experienced friend? How was the bashing? 7-0? 13-1? Did you stop? Didn’t you request for a rematch?

Same thing with life or your business. If at first you don’t win, you don’t stop, go harder, strategise, change the formation. One day, you’ll surely win.

4. Be Courageous

This applies to those times in Winning Eleven 8 when they tell you, outside shots doesn’t score a goal. Lol, have you tried using Brazil and choosing either of Emerson or Gilberto Silva to play those shots.

Life also presents his own illusions. You can’t succeed with this method. People will tell you, this business is risky, people have always failed. Those who win in life are those who are willing to take the risk against all odds.

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5. Take A Break

The half time situations in PES and FIFA are there for a reason. It’s for the players to rest, chill, go back to the drawing board, analyse what they’ve done wrong and effect a change.

You have the same option in life too. Take a break from the stress once in a while, recharge your batteries, read some books and case studies, analyse the current situation. It’s your life, does not belong to anyone else.

So guys, it’s a wrap from us. You deserve to success. You deserve to win. No one was born a loser. In you is embedded countless potentials and ideas for you to succeed. One day, your life will become a case study for people to analyse.

But it won’t happen until you start doing all what you dream about.

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