5 Countries In The World Where Being A Christian Is A Sin And Could Get You Killed

NOTE: Before you commence reading this post, please note that the aim of this post is to enlighten Christians and not intended in anyway to cause uproar, discrimination or racial issues.

Christians are a group of believers in the heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the holy spirits.

There are many religions in the world, and Christianity is the largest and most versatile which has been set up in different corners of the world.

However, there are some Muslim dominated countries where Christians get killed for being Christians and it is a huge risk practicing Christianity in those countries

1. North Korea

Ever Since the decision If Korea into two distinct countries: North Korea and South Korea, everything about North Korea is mostly focused on idolizing the Kim family. The Kim family, are the ruling family in North Korea and Kim Jong Un is the supreme leader of North Korea.

The Christians in North Korea are viewed as radical groups and therefore are persecuted. There have been reports that claim that local authorities increase incentives for anyone who exposes a Christian in their community.

Living as a Christian in North Korea simply translates to hiding your faith and worship Jesus Christ in secret.

The treatment of Christians is so bad and frightening that If a North Korean Christian is caught, the person could be killed on the spot or sentenced to undergo punishment in a labor camp, which I suppose would be terrible.

This treatment is like a curse that is carried on to their family down to the fourth generation will suffer a similar fate.

2. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is an Islamic country where Islam is constitutionalized and any other religion apart from Islam is strongly discouraged.

Christians in Afghanistan are mostly converts from Muslim backgrounds. The situation is so bad that if a Christian is discovered in Afghanistan, the local residents are eligible to burn down the Christian’s house and nothing can be done about it.

The Militants groups present in the country are huge problems for the Christians. Only the presence of a radical Islamic group, Taliban is enough reason for Christians in Afghanistan to stay hidden so as not to get killed.

3. Libya

Libya is almost the first African country dominated by the Islamic religion.

Libya which is Located in Muslim dominated Northern Africa, is an African country hugely dominated by Muslims. Ever Since the death of Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has experienced great chaos which allowed several Islamic militant groups to control several areas in the country. These Islamic militant groups in the country target migrant Christians and even Libyan Christians in Libya.

Often times, Many Christians in Libya are pressured to renounce their faith and if they do not do so, they get subjected to an immense amount of persecution which sometimes leads to murdering them.

4. Pakistan

Pakistan is known to be the fifth most populous country in the world where Christians are severely discriminated against and persecuted. Every Christians in Pakistan is always afraid of being accused of blasphemy. Blasphemy most times carry a death sentence. Pakistan’s Radical Islamic extremist groups make the country extremely toxic for Christians.

There have been numerous reports of young Christian girls abducted, molested, and then married against their wishes to Muslim men in the community thereby converting them to Islam by force.

5. Sudan

Sudan has been ruled by President al-Bashir since 1989. Since the coming of President Al-Ashkr the status of the country since then has changed to that of an Islamic state. Churches are often demolished and Christians get attacked indiscriminately by rebel groups in the country especially in the Nuba Mountains. It gets worse if they are converted from Islam to Christianity, the persecution becomes doubled.

That makes Sudan is not very dangerous for a Christian.

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