4 Foods That Can Damage Your Sp€rm Cells

4 Foods That Can Damage Your Sp€rm Cells

A lot of ailments we suffer today are mostly due to unhealthy feeding habits we get involved in.

We consume a lot of things, some because of the taste and others because they easily prepared but we do not know what detriment all these have on our body.

In most recent times, a lot of things can cause a drop in sperm counts. Some attribute it to men resting laptops on their laps, others say its the heat from cellphone we put inside our side pockets. The truth is what we eat also plays a major role in this situation. Don’t allow a wrong choice of diet kill your potential generations.

Here Are 4 Foods That Affect The Sperm Negatively.

1.Processed Meats
These includes hotdogs, beef jerky, bacon, salami ofcourse they are quite delicious. But talking about a healthy sperm. So many studies have proved that processed red meats affects sperm counts and motility negatively.

2. Trans Fats
These kind of fats increases the risk of heart diseases. Research also recently proved that increased intake of trans fats are linked with decrease in sperm counts.

3. High Fat Diary Products
Research has proved that milk with a very high fat content were associated with decreased sperm motility and abnormal sperm shape. A times traces of steroid hormones injected in cows are found in these products.

4. Pesticides
This can easily be overlooked as you will all say no sensible man can consume pesticides. Little do we know of how we consume these substances through some fruits and vegetables they were used on that we eat. These chemicals often act as xenoestrogens( estrogen mimics) these substances cause havoc on the sperm cells.


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  1. If i tell u I really understand what you are saying, am lieing, I did not really
    understand u, please break down these food, so that I can understand you better.. thank you.

  2. If i tell u I really understand am lieing, I did not really u, please break down this food down so that I can understand better thank you.

  3. Yes, this mentioned here are sure, they course allot but most people around don know how harmful the are, you guys are doing good work

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