20 Unbelievable Facts About Rihanna (A Must Read)


Whether she’s singing about diamonds in the sky or her umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, Rihanna has certainly made a name of herself. She is one of the most successful R&B/Pop singers on the planet today – having topped the Billboard charts 30 times – second only to Madonna, and has a networth of around $250 million. But in spite of her fame, there is plenty about Rihanna that you might not know about. With that in mind, here are 20 facts about your favorite singer that will make you slightly more knowledgeable.



Rihanna holds the Guinness World Record for most digital singles sold at 58 million and counting.



She was the first female artist to have a single top the UK charts for five consecutive years (2007 – 2011).



Believe it or not, she has never worn makeup a day in her everyday life.



Her rider contains a few quirky requirements. For instance, the air conditioning in her room must be set at 73 degrees, her pet unicorn gets its own separate hotel room, and she demands gobs and gobs of gummy bears.

She never graduated from high school, which just goes to show how worthless a formal education is.



She actually auditioned with two other high school classmates as part of an R&B trio, but according to the American record producer who discovered her, once Rihanna entered the room it was as if the other girls had disappeared.



When she auditioned for Jay Z, he was so impressed that rumor has it he wouldn’t allow her to leave the building until she had signed a contract. Sounds a bit like kidnapping to us. But, hey, the strategy obviously worked.


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