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2 Things To Learn From Ada Jesus Rocking The Short Blue Gown

2 Things To Learn From Ada Jesus Rocking The Short Blue Gown2 Things To Learn From Ada Jesus Rocking The Short Blue Gown

Chinoso Ukah is popularly known as Ada Jesus, her skill in acting comedy is top-notch. She made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, while wearing adorable outfits that compliments her body structure perfectly. The comedienne always post classic pictures of herself on Instagram, where I came across this adorable blue gown.

Ada Jesus can be seen in a short blue outfit, with a white glittery pattern along the bust area. This type of outfit makes a bold statement about her personality in public, showing how high her taste in fashionable outfits goes. Ada Jesus is a beautiful woman, she always looked alluring in any outfit of her choice. Although she faced criticism on her choice of dress style, it didn’t diminish her beauty body figure for a second.

Considering Ada’s short blue outfit, I shall pick out 2 things a fashionista should learn when rocking the same dress style.

1. Ada Jesus had a dark skin tone, the blue-colored outfit is a bit dull, it doesn’t compliment her body structure well. She should opt for colors which are brighter and would give her the glow that she deserves, making her the center of attention. Women should ensure not to make the same mistakes, your skin tone is important in choosing the color of your dress style.

2. Ada Jesus need to understand that a decent outfit portrays a good personality out in public, the dress is revealing and might divert people’s attention from her outfit. Women always make the mistake of exposing a sensitive part of their body, making people have different opinion about them.

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