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2 Reasons Why Angel May Need To Moderate What She Wears In The House

2 Reasons Why Angel May Need To Moderate What She Wears In The House2 Reasons Why Angel May Need To Moderate What She Wears In The House

Big Brother Naija Housemate, Angel Smith is one of the strongest contenders to win the show this season. This is because of her personality and the amazing potentials she is endowed with. Many people connected with her after she showed the world where she came from and how it shaped her to become the strong woman that she is.

Angel smith captured so many people’s hearts with her touching story about the ordeals she faced while growing up. Many people were able to see Angel in a new light after they saw that side of her. The 21-year-old has faced a lot and she overcame everything with little or no assistance. Her story is quite touching and it melts many people’s hearts.

Angel Smith

However, Angel can still increase her chances of winning more people’s hearts if she can adjust few things. We are quite judgmental in this part of the world; we quickly judge people based on their appearance. Angel needs to understand this fact and moderate the kind of outfits she wears in the house.

Angel has a lot of potentials to show the world but people may not acknowledge or pay attention to her because of how she often dresses. For instance, during Jacuzzi parties, Angel often wears a quite revealing bikini which has attracted a lot of harsh criticisms and condemnations from viewers.

Why Angel may need to regulate her dressing in the house

1. In order for people not to judge, criticize or even condemn her before seeing what she has to offer. She needs to moderate how she dresses in the house, most especially during Jacuzzi parties. She is one of the most criticized housemates this season and one of the reasons she’s been criticized is largely centered round how she dresses. Angel can even garner more fans if she moderates the kind of clothes she wears.

Angel Smith

2. Angel also needs to be conscious of the fact that her dressing may affect the way in which her fellow housemates address her in a way or the other. Her dressing might have covertly shaped how the housemates see her; hence addressing her in a rude way. We have seen instances where some of them body-shame and even slut-shame her.

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