2 Conditions Hope Uzodinma May Agree To Before Buhari & North Can Support His Second Term Ambition

2 Conditions Hope Uzodinma May Agree To Before Buhari & North Can Support His Second Term Ambition

The 2023 Governorship election in Imo State is fast approaching. The race to occupy Douglas House in 2023 will be tough considering the incident that led to Hope Uzodinma assuming office as the Governor of Imo State.

Many Imolites are not happy that Hope Uzodinma who came fourth in the 2019 guber election in Imo State became Imo State Governor via January 2020, judgement of the Supreme Court.

Uzodinma will certainly find it difficult to return as Imo State Governor going by popular opinion in Imo State which suggests that people are not happy with his style of governance.

He is a strong political ally of President Buhari and a lot of Northern APC politicians.

In my opinion, there are 2 conditions that Uzodinma may agree to before President Buhari and Northern APC politicians can support his second term ambition. We will be discussing them in this article.

1)He should reconcile with Rochas Okorocha

Rochas Okorocha is one of the founding members of APC. He led a faction of APGA to form APC in 2013. He built APC in Imo.

But unfortunately, he appears to have been sidelined in Imo due to his political cold war with Hope Uzodinma. What baffles me is that Okorocha technically worked for Uzodinma which made his victory at the Supreme Court possible.

However, things have fallen apart between him and Uzodinma. President Buhari and some Northern APC politicians who understand the efforts made by Okorocha to build APC in Imo may ask Uzodinma to reconcile with Rochas Okorocha to earn their support to win re-election in 2023.

2)He must continue to promote the unity of Nigeria via his policies

President Buhari cares so much about the unity of Nigeria. That’s why he is tough on groups like IPOB that want to secede from Nigeria. The President may ask Uzodinma to continue to promote the unity of Nigeria via his policies.

Uzodinma is already on that path because he recently opted for collaboration between farmers and herdsmen in Imo State as against the total ban on open grazing in Imo State.

Recall that upon assuming office, he promised to treat Fulanis in Imo State equal because they are residents of the state who contribute to the growth of Imo.

Uzodinma will fight a big political battle to return as Imo Governor in 2023.

He will need the support of President Buhari and some key Northern politicians who may come to Imo State to convince the people of Imo State to vote for him for the second time.

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