2 Chainz Eyes Your Family Tree On “Grey Area”

There’s a case to be made that 2 Chainz has some of the most hilarious bars in the game. And yet he often delivers them with such a straight face, it makes even the most outlandish boast feel wholly sincere. Therefore, when he contemplates ordering thirty hammocks on early So Help Me God highlight “Grey Area,” it feels as if the madman just might do it. And when he proceeds to bawdily rattle his way through the entirety of one’s family tree, one can only shudder at the thought. 

Straightforward in nature, “Grey Area” springs to life with a lively instrumental from Jay The Great, whose slightly detuned woodwinds imbues the beat with an ever-so-slightly unsettling vibe. 2 Chainz attacks like a man possessed, spurred on by his own reflection decked in the finest silks and designer apparel. “I just sat up on the stand, told a lie straight to the honor,” he raps, in the track’s standout hook. “Old enough to be your Daddy, young enough to fuck your Mama,” he raps, enjoying his lapse into darker moral territory. “All this shit that I have done, I can not believe in karma.”

While there’s certainly much to unpack on Tity Boi’s brand new album — available for your listening pleasure right here — consider “Grey Area” the perfect introductory point. Word to the wise however — consider cautioning your granny to be wary of tall and charming strangers. 


Old enough to son you ni**as, young enough to fuck your ex
Old enough to be your landlord and sign your fucking checks
I take care of IRS, excuse me sir am I arrest?
Fell in love with VVS, my cuz a blood, PMS


Source: HNH

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