Who is the richest sport man in the world?

Who are the most successful and wealthy sportsmen in the world?
Modern sports and money are inseparable concepts. Athletes in various sports earn their incomes from various ways, matches and competitions, winning, brand endorsements, advertising, including having their own businesses and brands. Find out who are the top 10 richest sportsmen in the world.
Who is the richest sport man in the world?
Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan is the richest sportsman according to the Forbes rating published on the official website of tΒ Ahe magazine. The American’s income is estimated at $1.85 billion.
The second place in the ranking is occupied by golfer Tiger Woods at $1.7 billion. The top three is closed by another golf player, Arnold Palmer at $1.4 billion.
Cristiano Ronaldo took the 12th position in the list, Cristiano Ronaldo net worth is $725 million. “Barcelona” forward Lionel Messi is on the 16th place with $600 million.
So, let’s return to our list and find out who are top 10 richest sportsmen in the world.

1. Michael Jordan (basketball) – $1.85 billion
Michael Jordan is a man whose name has long been a true symbol of basketball. He is one of the main NBA players who eventually turned into a figure of the world scale. Do not think that his career was simple. Making his way to the very top, Michael went through many different tests and therefore really deserved the right to be called best of the best.
Our hero played only in two professional clubs: Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. As part of these teams, he was a real star, and therefore a huge number of personal and team awards should not surprise anyone. He was a six-time champion of the NBA, two-time champion of the Olympics, as well as the owner of other numerous awards.
Michael Jordan several times interrupted and resumed his career, but he always was in sight, had a lot of advertising contracts as well as an army of fans. However, this great athlete has always been himself – a simple American guy who makes one hundred percent efforts during training.
Outside the basketball court, Michael Jordan is known as a passionate admirer of baseball, motorcycle racing, golf, and a participant in numerous charity companies. Once during his career, he even managed to prove himself as an actor in the popular film “Space Jam” where he courageously played basketball against the team of aliens.
In addition, Michael worked as a model. He continues to earn a lot on advertising contracts. A billionaire made his investments in basketball, in particular, the purchase of 90 percent of shares in the club “Charlotte Hornets”. At the moment the club costs $780 million.

2. Tiger Woods (golf) – $1.7 billion
There are many worthy and wealthy athletes born in the US. This group includes the billionaire Tiger Woods. He reached incredible heights in golf, was awarded with 14 winner’s titles in men’s major golf championships and concedes 4 victories in comparison with the bright and popular Jack Nicklaus (18 wins).

3. Arnold Palmer (golf) – $1.4 billion
The sports world continues to grieve over the departure of Arnold Palmer who died in 2016 at the age of 88. Palmer was the person who radically changed the perception of golf, made this sport more democratic and massive.
His star lit in the late 50’s, and by 1964 he already had 42 tournament victories. In total during his career, Palmer won 62 PGA contests, including 7 Grand Slam tournaments.

4. Jack Nicklaus (golf) – $1,2 billion
Jack William Nicklaus is one of the best sportsmen in the history of golf. For twenty-five years of his career, he won in 73 different professional tournaments.
The last big victory in the career of the golfer was won at the US Open in 1980. It was a record 18 victory in the main professional tournaments. This achievement is unbeaten until today.
In the 90s, Nicklaus founded the eponymous firm that manufactures golf equipment. One of the brands of “Nicklaus” is the Golden Bear.

5. Michael Schumacher (“Formula 1”) – $1 billion
Michael Schumacher is German racing driver of Formula-1, seven-time world champion, two-time vice-champion of the world and three times a bronze medalist. He is the holder of numerous records of Formula-1: by the number of victories (91), podiums (155), wins for one season (13), fastest laps (77), and also titles in a row (5).
In the press, he is often called the “Red Baron”. During the First World War, the Red Baron was named the best ace of war Baron Manfred von Richthofen who flew on the airplane of red color. Schumacher also received the nickname “Red Baron” because of the national resemblance, the red “Ferrari” car, sports form and his invincibility.

6. Phil Mickelson (golf) – $815 million
The American golfer gained worldwide fame due to the titles won at the golf masters competition in 2005 and 2006. Among the fans, he was nicknamed Lefty. Being a right-handed man, he invariably played golf only with the left hand.

7. Kobe Bryant (basketball) – $800 million
Kobe Bin Bryant is an outstanding basketball player of our time, an attacking defender of the Los Angeles Lakers nicknamed “Black Mamba”. In his sports biography, there were a lot of ups and almost no downs (except for numerous injuries).
The best moments of his games will forever remain in the memory of fans. Twenty years of career is a whole epoch for the athlete. Usually, sportsmen go from the big basketball much earlier, but Kobe stayed up to the last with incredible efforts always standing at the peak of fame.

8. David Beckham (football) – $800 million
David Beckham is a former professional footballer of English origin who played on the midfielder’s position. During the sports biography he changed a number of football clubs: played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, Los Angeles Galaxy, and Paris Saint-Germain.

9. Floyd Mayweather (boxing) – $785 million
It is the greatest boxer in the world who wasn’t been defeated in a single professional fight. Floyd Mayweather Jr. belongs to the dynasty of outstanding athletes. From the earliest years, he immediately formed a special type of fight – not too spectacular, but very effective, which allowed him to become a winner regularly.

10. Shaquille O’Neal (basketball) – $735 million
Shaquille O’Neal is a legendary player whose name has long been a symbol of the NBA and the entire basketball world. He is fast, strong, technical, and incredibly smart. The subtle ability to “read the game”, feel the shoulder of a partner and also lead his team forward made him a true icon in his sport.
As part of the US team, Shaquille O’Neal became the 1996 Olympic Champion and 1994 World Champion. Up to the present time he is considered one of the best center players in the history of basketball.
Now you know who the richest sportsmen in the world are. Each of them has made great efforts to build a career and deserves deep respect. These men are perfect inspiration for upcoming athletes.

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