13 Types of Bra Every Lady Should Know about and the correct clothes to wear with them

13 Types of Bra Every Lady Should Know about and the correct clothes to wear with them13 Types of Bra Every Lady Should Know about and the correct clothes to wear with them

Bra is a fashion item a lady can’t do without. It is seen in every lady’s wardrobe. Even if you have the perkiest boobs, there are some outfits that you want to wear that will require a bra.

Brassiere called bra for short is an undergarment designed to support and cover women’s breast (Wikipedia). The word bra that we use almost everyday originated from French which means upper arm.

At puberty, one of the physical features a girl attain is development of breast. At that time, wearing a bra can be tough to adjust to. It can be frustrating too with the straps going off the shoulder or digging into it leaving a mark. I bet ladies can relate to what I’m saying. Wearing the right size of bra can reduce these problems, a correct sized bra will not pinch, gap or slide off the shoulder. It’s important to know this; there are two parts to a bra size , the cup size and the chest size.

In this article, I will be writing about different types of bras every lady should know about. Funnily enough, we call all of them bras but there are different names and purpose for each bra and that you will get to know that here today.

1. Bralette

It is a non- underwired bra with no padding or molded cups. It is mostly made with lace and stretchy materials. It isvery comfortable to wear. It can be worn underneath suits, jacket, kimono and low cut, square neck and neckline tops.

2. Demi bra

A bra with a wide set straps, half shaped cups and horizontal bust lines. Demi bra leaves the top part of your breast exposed for a revealing look.

3. Balconette or balcony bra

It is a low cut demi bra with a retro silhouette. Nothing is more sexy than a lace balconette which reveals more. It is meant to be worn under low cut necks. Women with broader shoulder should go for this

4. Bandeau.

This is commonly known as tube among Nigerian ladies. It is looks like a strapeless bra but different from strapless bra as it does not have molded cups. It is designed in a strip typically made of stretchy fabric. It can be worn under strapless, sleeveless and off shoulder outfits..

5. T- shirt bra.

A bra with thin and smoothly contoured cups to give optimal shape under t-shirts. T-shirt bras are invisible under clothes as they are either seamless and with no embroidery. It is very versatile which makes it a must have in your wardrobe.

6. Convertible bra

A bra with detachable straps designed to be worn in many ways. It is also versatile.

7. Push up bra.

This is very common and we also know the correct name. Push up bra is made with additional padding at the bottoms of bra cups to create fuller bust. It is designed to lift breasts up and allow deep cleavage to show under neck line. Women with small breast looking to enhance their breasts and cleavage, this is your best option.

8. Plunge bra

A bra with low cups joined by thin center piece. If you have got a small frame and your breasts sit closely together, a plunge bra will give you the support and positioning you need.

9. Full cup

A bra with cups that completely cover the breasts. It is ideal for women with bigger busts and and for those who wear larger cup sizes and wish to minimize the size of bustor reduce cleavage.

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10. Strapless bra

A bra designed without shoulder straps. This is a must have for strapless dresses. You have to be careful of your breast falling off if the band is too loose.

11. Minimizer

A full coverage bra designed to reduce the appearance of bust size by 1-2 inches. For women who wants their bust to appear smoother or least pronounced. I won’t advise you to wear this often.

12. Sports bra

A bra designed to support and prevent discomfort drying physical exercise. Imagine you’re jogging and your bra fell off, it is going to embarrassing especially in this part of the world where bodyshaming is the order of the day.

13. Wireless bra.

This bra is designed for when you don’t want to wear bra but you have to. It’s great for running errands, travelling or sleeping. They are better bra for proper circulation of blood (Knix com).

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