13 Fascinating Things That Mostly Happens In China And Japan

13 Fascinating Things That Mostly Happens In China And Japan

We all know china and Japan are among the most populated country in the world, and they still find a way to be a stable economy. These countries are mainly populated by adults. There are several fascinating and shocking things that happen in China and Japan that the rest of the world doesn’t know. We are going to enlighten you in this article, by showing you thirteen fascinating things that only happen in China and Japan.

13. Watermelon cut in different shapes

In Japan Watermelons are cut into different shapes like square. This help them to store and arrange them properly into shelves. The fruits could be also very expensive ranging up to $400.

12. Blue Street lights

The normal street lights we are used to are red and green. But in China you can find blue street lights on an accessible road.

11. Stacked fruits

Fruits are really expensive in Japan because they are mainly imported into the country. Eating healthy in Japan is quite Expensive.

10. Cricket fighting

In China it is legal to have cricket fight, and it’s considered as a sport. Some cricket can cost between 10-50 Yuan, which is up to a dollar. They basically stake their money on them and watch them fight and the winner takes the whole money home.

9. Super Efficient transport system

In Japan you can find maximum comfort in public transportation vehicles. Considering the massive population of the country, Public transportation are mostly used to move around the country.

8. Red rivers

Due to the environmental population and chemical spills, some rivers in china gradually turn red.

7. Houses on top apartments

Due to the large population and limited land areas, people actually tend to build on top of apartment buildings in china.

6. Sleeping at work

Due to their busy life style, they get so tired and actually fall asleep at any place and time of the day.

5. A Chinese resort

Large population at a public resort in China

4. Pork meat sold in large quantities

Pig are often sold in large quantities in China. They consider it as one of their major meal in the country.

3. Cockroach used as medicine

Cockroaches are used for medicinal purposes in china. They can cost up to two dollars.

2. Wearing of Pajamas

After a long day at work and it’s the end of the week, Chinese people often put on pajamas and wear them until Monday next week.

1. Pepper eating competition

There is a competition in china where men tend to gather around, and eat fully grown pepper without drinking water and the winner gets rewarded.

Hope you enjoyed reading these fascinating things about china and Japan. Which do you find the most fascinating?

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