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10 Body Features That Are Very Rare And Only Few People Have Them

10 Body Features That Are Very Rare And Only Few People Have Them

Looking at human beings and how unique people have been made, the one thing that comes to mind is that there must be a creator who was super artistic in his creation.

Human, though being similar, they have been created very uniquely and even the most identical twins tend to have some slight differences in one way or another.

In this article today, we are going to look at some of the 10 Unique Body Features found in human beings. Very few people have this features and if you are among them, then count yourself unique. Take a look at these 10 Body Features;

1. Golden Blood group

Have you heard of the golden blood group. It is not a blood group that contains gold literally but the fact that it is very rare to find people with this blood group makes it earn the name ‘golden blood group’.

According to studies, this blood group has no antigens which makes it very unique. This was discovered at around 1961 and as of today, only 40 people in the world are believed to have the blood group. This people have proved to be essential blood donors because they can donate blood to anyone without causing any effects on that person.

2. Long palmer muscles

This is a small muscle found on your hands. Very few people in the world have this type of muscle. If you want to know whether you have it, just place your hands on the top of a flat surface.

Using your thumb touch your small finger. If you see something like a ligament on your wrist then you are among the few people that have the long palmer muscle. This kind of muscle is believed to have been very essential to our ancestors who would occasionally climb trees. For now they are not so much essential because of the modern kind of lifestyle.

3. Genetic chimerism

In an ancient Greek mythology, a chimera is describes as a creature that had a neck and head of a lion. The trunk was that of a goat while the tail was that of a snake.

Chimerism in humans is considered a rare genetic disorder where one person contains two different types of DNA. The person has two totally different sets of DNA inside their body. It isn’t dangerous though, it just makes it difficult to determine the parentage of a person. This is a very rare condition.

4. Double lash line

It is also called distichiasis where a person owns double eyelashes. This is very rare and a famous Hollywood star called Elizabeth Taylor was among the few people in the world who had a double eyelash. The double eyelashes does not cause any problem to the person though. To the people, it is just as normal to them as having only a single eyelash.

5. A hole close to the ear

Have you ever seen people that have a hole close to their ears? In the world today, it is believed that only 5 % of people have this rare feature. The hole normally forms during the process of fetal development in the womb and in most cases inherited genetically and can either be found on both ears or only one. It is not dangerous and it is as normal as not having it.

6. Excess ribs

Do you know that some people have excess ribs. This is most common in women but it is very rare and only few humans possess excess ribs. They are always located in the cervical spine area of the body. The ribs have no effect to the person but may be uncomfortable when their sizes get bigger.

7. Tetrachromacy

Have you heard of tetrachromacy? This again is mostly common in women and rarely occurs in men. Despite is being common in women, the number of women that are tetrachromatic is very few. Tetrachromatic people are able to distinguish many shades of colors.

These people are able to see upto 99 million different colors while an ordinary person can only identify upto 1 million colors. One of the famous people believed to have this super powers is Concetta Artico who is an artist.

8. Little need for sleep

Actually these people don’t easily get tired and thus their need for sleep is very little. According to science, these people are believed to contain what we call a DEC2 gene. This gene makes them to restore lost energy very quickly and so they can sleep less and some don’t even need sleep but are still productive. In history, people like Winston Churchill and Nikola Tesla had this kind of gene and would work for days without even sleeping but still look okay.

9. Anti-cholesterol growth in the body

I think these should probably be among the luckiest people in the world. They can eat anything and they don’t need to be selective on foods that contain cholesterol. According to science, the probability of these people developing a hear disease is reduced by 90% compared to other people. They are believed to have a PCSK9 gene that helps them fight any cholesterol.

10. Red hair

According to statistics, only 1% of the world population is red haired. This is normally some kind of genetic mutation. Most of the people that have red hair tend to also have blue eyes.

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