10 Biggest Revelations From Demi Lovato’s Docuseries ‘Dancing With the Devil’

Demi Lovato

10 Biggest Revelations From Demi Lovato’s Docuseries ‘Dancing With the Devil’

Demi Lovato doesn’t twiddling my thumbs one bit about what led to her 2018 heroin overdose and what the longer term of her sobriety holds in Dancing With the Devil.

The four-part YouTube Originals docuseries, which opened SXSW on Tuesday (March 16), takes place over three years since she started filming a totally separate, now-shelved documentary that was meant to follow the pop superstar round her Tell Me you’re keen on Me Tour.

In fact, the clips of her past performances and talk about the doc’s companion album Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over, which she recently announced are going to be released on April 2, doesn’t add up to a complete of quite 10 minutes over the course of the four 22- to 28-minute episodes. The album is about where she is today, but where she was on July 24, 2018, the morning paramedics received her Hollywood Hills home after she had overdosed on heroin, takes precedent within the new feature.

Even from the trailer she released on Feb. 17, fans couldn’t begin to wrap their heads around what proportion damage Lovato had suffered from her overdose, including three strokes, a attack and blind spots in her vision that don’t allow her to drive anymore.

Dancing With the Devil, directed by Michael D. Ratner, isn’t a by-product of her discarded 2018 documentary. it’s a totally different foundation, refocusing her narrative from center stage — as seen in snippets of the previous performance-heavy feature Lovato says would’ve only captured the “tip of the iceberg” — and opening up the floodgates about her 2018 overdose while the cameras began rolling again in 2020. The anecdotes are so harrowing that YouTube Originals featured trigger warnings regarding addiction, psychological state , eating disorders and sexual assault before each episode.

With the whole docuseries having premiered at SXSW on March 16, and before the primary two episodes making their debut March 23 on YouTube Originals, here are the ten biggest revelations we learned from Dancing With the Devil.

Father’s Day Triggers Her Fear About Her Biological Father’s Death

Her biological father Patrick Lovato, who died in June 2013, also struggled with alcohol and addiction on top of bipolar and schizophrenia. Lovato notes nobody in her family knows the precise date of his passing because his body, which she added had been discovered every week and a half after his death, was “too decomposed” upon discovery for an open-casket funeral.

She says she spends every Father’s Day contemplating which day he gave up the ghost on. “And then also knowing that by the time Father’s Day rolls around, he was just laying there, rotting,” she says. “That was the fear I always had for him was that he would find yourself alone — and he did. He died alone.” The singer had been estranged from her father since 2007 after witnessing him abuse her mother, Dianna De La Garza, who wrote about it in her 2008 memoir Falling With Wings: A Mother’s Story.

She Wrote “Sober” Shortly After Her Introduction to Hard Drugs

One month after DJ Khaled and Kehlani celebrated Lovato’s six-year anniversary of her sobriety at a March 16, 2018-dated concert, Lovato confesses within the doc that she relapsed with alcohol and medicines one month after the show. “I’m surprised I didn’t OD that night,” she recalls of the night she picked up a bottle of wine and contacted someone she knew would have drugs on them.

“I ended up at a celebration . I with great care happened to run into my old pusher from six years before,” she continues. “That night, I did drugs that I had never done before. I had never done meth before — i attempted meth. I mixed it with molly, with coke, weed, alcohol, oxytocin. which alone should have killed me.”

Her dear friends, Matthew Scott Montgomery and Sirah, emphasize her secrecy that night and the way it plays into her pattern of hiding details from her family and friends. “The thing was is that we actually didn’t realize the drugs,” Sirah says during her interview portion.

Lovato shares that fortnight after the party, she was introduced to heroin and crack cocaine. While on a visit to Bali, she realized she had a physical dependency on the hard drugs and wrote her June 2018 somber anthem “Sober”; performed it on the road that wrapped by July. By the time she returned to L.A., she began heavily using again. “That is one thing that i used to be excellent at is hiding the very fact that i used to be hooked in to crack and heroin,” Lovato says, her eyes flitting across the ground .

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