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Have you ever noticed the difference in the voices of the characters and the songs they perform in films? We invite you to finally find out whose voices the actors and actresses sing in your favorite Soviet films.

  1. Larisa Guzeeva and Valentina Ponomareva

“Cruel Romance” turned the aspiring actress Larisa Guzeeva into a real star of Soviet cinema. But few people know that the famous romances in the film were performed by jazz vocalist Valentina Ponomareva. For some reason, director Eldar Ryazanov did not include her name in the credits of the film.

  1. Barbara Brylska and Alla Pugacheva

Barbara Brylska spoke with a strong accent, so Ryazanov asked actress Valentina Talyzina to voice the main character of The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath. The stunning songs in the film were performed by the rising star of the Soviet stage Alla Pugacheva.

  1. Natalya Varley and Aida Vedishcheva

Natalya Varley really wanted to perform the famous “Song of the Bears” herself. But director Leonid Gaidai was not thrilled with her vocals and preferred the professional performer Aida Vedischeva.

  1. Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Aida Vedishcheva

Aida Vedischeva also performed the popular song “Help Me” in the movie “The Diamond Hand”.

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