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When asked about the largest animal that ever lived in the world, perhaps the most common answer is yes, ancient animals that lived in the age of dinosaurs. But do you know how many other animals have enormous body sizes? What animals are they? Well, this time we will share about the 8 largest animals that have ever lived in the world. What animals are there?

1. Blue Whale

The first largest animal on our list is the blue whale which is not a fish, but a mammal. The largest surviving mammal is at least 33 meters long and weighs 181 tons, is longer than 3 buses and heavier than 3 train cars, wow! His tongue is as heavy as an elephant, a heart as heavy as a car, and even a whale’s blood vessels can be penetrated by humans. So, maybe humans are only as big as the red blood cells of a blue whale, huh!

Despite having a very large body, the average blue whale generally only eats crustaceans (crustaceans). Wow, how many billion shrimp has he eaten, huh? But unfortunately, the blue whale is currently categorized as a rare and endangered animal. It is estimated that only 10 thousand to 25 thousand are left in the wild and only in the North Atlantic, North Pacific, Antarctic Ocean, Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean. If you accidentally see a blue whale in the ocean, don’t catch it!

2. Titanoboa

Now let’s turn to the snake type animal, which is named titanoboa. This snake is one of the largest ancient animals in the world and is bigger than a snake gigantophis. Long titanoboa reaches about 15 meters with a body weight of nearly 1 ton and will continue to grow while still alive. Titanoboa really like to prey on other ancient reptiles such as crocodiles or ancient turtles.

Even more amazing, the survival of this ancient snake was very high. He can survive temperatures of nearly 90 degrees Celsius from meteors that fall to earth. Not even extinct, but this snake can survive and become the terrible predators of the times cretaceous. However titanoboa already extinct along with the age of time cretaceous. Imagine if these animals still exist, humans might become extinct.

3. Argentavis Magnificens

Have you ever imagined meeting a giant bird? Maybe you haven’t, because in the world itself, large bird species that are now not extinct are eagles, hawks, or albatross. But it turns out that about 6 million years ago, there lived the largest bird on earth, namely argentavis magnificens. Argentavis means “extraordinary Argentine bird” and has habitats around Argentina and South America.


The wingspan of this giant bird reaches 7 meters and weighs up to 70 kilograms. Even though it is not very heavy, this bird has a wingspan of 2 times that of a bird royal albatross and weighs 16 times heavier than a bald eagle. With such a weight, it is likely that this Argentavis bird relies on wind currents in order to fly. According to researchers, this bird is a carnivore and likes to eat livestock. This animal is extinct at this time, the cause is also unknown.

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